Friday, March 5, 2010

Unclear in My miNd

Wake up in the morning i feel like i'm empty,

brain empty, stomach empty, feeling also empty.

why i become like that? Is it i changing now? Hmm...i think is aging..wakakaka

I'm not sure about it & have no idea.

11 something i'm done, can online for a while.

12 something i went out from my house to find my lovely sis & niece.

Just because of the S.E c902 then i have to find her... ohh, that phone spoil my

original plan.

My original cleaning plan.

1 something until 3 something i window shopping at Robinson,

Mid-valley, Garden...just walking without buy anything.

4 pm i start wait for the train, the train come at 4.30pm...

I was standing before & after the train come....

my legs damn F***ing tired leh..

In the train i saw a pity atuk...because he also standing all the time when i'm there.

I wonder why other people dont let him sit lehh??? about if 1 day i also experience that???

.....Ahhh...i dont want that......



  1. lol. worrying abt getting old? wah sai!
    u're just 23. so chill and releks la kawan!

  2. 23. dots... haha. weih. u really got blog woh. haha. good good!