Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Day 2 NitE H0LidaY

Haha..I have a happy holiday with my classmate & little buddy from 1/4 to 3/4. Firstly, i want to thank Priya because she the 1 who start give an idea about this holiday & organize it. Beside that, also want to thank other fren2 - - - - - - - ->>>
my dear nam nam- manage all the money that we use & become treasurer
my dear ubi Hamdan- design & find contact about our team T-shirt

FrIenshiP t-ShiRt

my dear kak Shakila- find the accommodation & prepare the BBq chicken
my dear abg Ray- bring the guitar & make the environment more joyful AND
others dear buddy who cooperate well.

The night before the trip i have went to ICT with ubi hamdan , ray, nam & sam..That place is very nice, i like the light decoration so much. & of course i take a lot of pic. Ubi say most pic also got me...wahaha...shame shame alrdy.
Dunno may be is the food problem or i too excited, i can't fall sleep at all. & i not feeling well...diarrhea, feel like vomiting, dizzy.

Around 7am lah, we depart from Perdana heading to PD....I was totally feel like want to die during the journey. God ahh..why want me suffer this?
& around dunno what time we reach PD alrdy. Since we only can check in at 12pm...then we go the Telok Temang,,,a beach

I not feeling well...later i will ok...

After check in, we choose our room & then priya, santhana & mosreena prepare the meehon fish-ball soup ===>> yUmMy. Then evybody also go rest.
In the evening, i have go walk walk near the beach. Is so windy..the lightning from far is so pretty.. & ubi, Yy, NanA, fan2, Ray & I take alot pic.

Is mE....iS Me....YeaH.. :-)

Sexy gile YyY....Nice T- sHirt

At night we have the BBq.. yeah yeah.... But i didnt eat much...the chicken is spicy....i gt stomachache also....still not feeling well lehh... :-(

Ray & Nam start the bbQ fire....Expert

BbQing chicKen & fiShbalL

After BqQ, we have so many photo section...snap snap snap only....& this is the best 1 loh..

"A famiLy phOto"

Haha,,,when on the way back to the apartment i have take a few weird pic ohh...all jump x3..

YyY tu lah paling tinGGi

SerOn0K tuE

Although everybody is tired, but we have follow the plan==>> Play the pOis0n boX...Haha....everybody also kena ohh...
Then Ray & fan2 got drink beer....fan2 after 1 botol start drunk ad....& she actually didnt do something abnormal...Just we all kutuk her...haha...
Ray very good...after she drunk,,,he got take care of her...
I also got drink abit only..but ubi hamdan got do muka marah pulak....Don't lah,,,,i not always drink also...Hehehehee...

Next morning,I wake up at 8am... nam, nana & I prepared the, eggs sandwich, potatoes sandwich, sardine sandwich & mushroom soup. But the soup is wasted cause cannot finish.. >.< ......Is Too MUCH food...... Then rest a while..taught want to play ball, but every1 complain is very hot, So i just wait only. Priya , Santhana, & Mosreena start prepared the lunch.... But i didnt eat ohh, because is very spicy to my level...Aduihh.... We also got play pOker fun... But Ray main tipu,,Cause Si ubi HamDan curi see my card & tell RAy...that why he will win...& i become the donkey 4 the 1st round....

Play p0Ker CaRd

During evening time we got play "volley ball" ....Go0d TeaM....
Me, UbI haMdan & fan2 VS NanA, YyY & Ray
I very bad loh...because i keep hit the ball go far away, then pity ray have to go take the ball...haha...sorry,,is not my the wind problem... :-p

my pose so "yeng"

Ray hit the ball

YyY goooo....

PeRfeCt TeaM

UbI niCe posr

After volleyball then we go to Telok Temang & mandi laut... So happy ohh....
play water,, chasing abg Ray,, cover fan2 body with sand( lucah lucah) haha
So sad that we dont take any pic of it since everybody also want play water & no1 want to take care the bag....Never mind~~~~

Nam not here,,she the 1 take this pic..TQ

All is holding hand, wave is coming

After back to apartment, I got headcahe very my right hand side,,,so painful..cant really sleep well also...but then i also go night market walk walk with them...wahaha...then no more headache alrdy.. >.<

YumMy YumMy...

All memBerS...

After activity everybody also tired liao...then go sleep... Unfortunately, when i want to go upstairs sleep that time, the door is lock..& i cannot enter the room.. I didnt wake them up to open the door,, is late alrdy... Then i just sleep downstairs only...So pity...very cold,,no blanket.. :-( Lucky i got my Ah bei... :-)

My LoVely Ah beI

Pity mE...sleEp at downstairs only

Wake up in the next morning..,pack thing go Shakila house & next destination- ->> A'FamosA water World.
Me & fan2 so boring then we play the ball while waiting the owner take back the key. Then we make the ball fall to longkang ad...yeee,,,so smelly...haha,,lucky got nam help us take the ball...Thanks Mak.... :-p

Naughty daughters & GoOd Mum

Around dunno wat time we reach the water park alrdy..

Me hide at behind of them

After water park then we plan want to go Melacca Town walk2....but actually no one know the way...hehe....we so Geng ohh...Then i call Gini...Du...Tyc to ask the way go Dataran Pahlawan...
We have sesat jalan ohh....But at last we manage to reach there....hehe...
Then a lot photo section begins... these are some of them:- - ->>>

Nam <==> Hang Jebat

Abg Ray V poSe

CowboY & CowgirL

Black & White Hat

Train section

After that , we have our dinner.... Kosher VS Non Kosher.....

Around dunno what time then we start drive back to Shah Alam... got road block damn jaming...
reach Shah Alam around 1am....ohhh...very tired but happy...
Next time plan to go other place.... take care everybody.. Ermmuahh. :-*


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