Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ A sUpeR dUpEr mini TrIp ~

Wednesday, 07/04/2010 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -> Sunny Day

I wake up at 8am & i start prepared myself because He said want give me a surprise. I'm so curious what actually it is.. & I dunno what i supposed to wear since i dont know where we will go. Then i keep asking,, at last He said we are going to Muzium Negara.

Nothing special right??? But actually this is the place i wanted to go long time ago.. Haha..thanks dear....I been KL almost 3 years alrdy & I never been Muzium Negara,,,it is such a shame .. >.<
At last.....wahaha

From 1st April to 20th June, there have the "CoFFin ExhibIti0N"

Once i enter there, is seem like scary, cause i see a lot different type, style, & shape of coffin. There also have show the orang asli skeleton & the 1 that give me a deep impression is the buffalo shape coffin===> Is unique....but i didnt take any coffin pic... Haha...

But i have take few pic from other area of the Muzium ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >>>

Is about Portuguese conquer Melacca

Basikal Tentera Jepun--> YeAr 1941


Kereta Bomba...

Is damn Hot...& I sitting rest a while

After Muzium then we go Sunway Pyramid to- - - ->>>
shopping .. buy his T-shirt & my Dress.. RM 90...HAha,, not i pay

buy movie ticket.. 11.30pm.. couple seat.. RM18..Haha,,not i pay

eat .. Canton-i.. RM48.60.. Haha,, not i pay

& walk walk.
Me long time didint watch movie at cinema alrdy, the last time was 27th Feb 2010 = > = > => A CNY movie.

<>......This is the latest movie i niCe & i like that kind of movie...fantasy... cartoony... pls go watch it....

Night Fury <= => Toothless

So sad is "Alice in Wonderland" i also haven watch....never mind, later i can download...

This poster looks funny, then i also act like the girl,,haha,,,, :-D

A lot ppl look at me when i do that....shame shame.. >.<