Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mami Day

Happy mami day to my mom & my Godmom.. Thanks for everything that you giving me.
I know u Love me so much & Me too.
Sorry for my whatever that make u sad..disappointed..angry..tension...dulan & so on..
Please forgive me....because your daughter ---> ME,, is that kind of person.. :-)

I have the mami day dinner at Godmom house, my mom said it can cut cost, some more it is less MSG... Both my mamami prepare the food..it including:

* Butter prawn with Egg floSs *
* Sampal belacan PetAi *
* Salt sTeamed ChickeN *
* Broccoli mix mix vege*
* Tomatoes egg Soup *

This is so yumMy...no JokE

For the dessert, mama prepared at home & bring over there.. Got..

~ Mango pudding ~
~ Dragon-fruit JeLLy ~

Really full my stomach... like increase 5 KG alrdy....hahaha...
Anyway thanks.....Ermmuahhh... love u all.. :-*


& i get a Big angpao frm my Goddaddy.... yaahoooooo.....


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